Providing a Safe Haven for Stray Animals in Morocco

We are dedicated to promoting animal welfare and sustainable living at Ahimsa Sanctuary. Join us in building a brighter future for all beings and creating a more ethical and compassionate world.

Every day, we take care of the following:

Over 200 animals in our rented shelter

  • 4 donkeys

  • 8 goats

  • 15 sheeps

  • 20 chickens, ducks, turkeys

  • Over 150 dogs and cats daily

And over 2000 stray dogs and cats are fed daily on the street.

Meet the team

We are a team of three passionate and dedicated individuals who share a common love for animals and a commitment to animal welfare. As vegans, we understand the importance of living a cruelty-free lifestyle and providing compassionate care to our animal companions. With our combined knowledge, skills, and experience, we are committed to positively impacting the lives of stray dogs and cats in Agadir, Morocco, and beyond.

Mouad Idoutfrat

Photographer & Video Recorder


Animals Feeder - Mainstream Guy

Gary - Giang Nguyen

BP Marketing

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a self-sustaining animal sanctuary in Agadir, Morocco, providing a safe and nurturing environment for hundreds of dogs and cats. We aim to expand our services by offering community outreach programs that promote animal welfare and sustainable living.

Once we have established a working model, our ultimate goal is to scale our animal sanctuary model to other parts of the world. We believe that by creating self-sustaining animal shelters, we can provide a lasting impact on animal welfare and reduce the burden on local governments and communities.

Through our commitment to veganism and compassionate care, we envision a world where all animals are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. By providing high-quality care, education, and resources, we can help create a brighter future for all beings.